Crisis Communication

A crisis is an exceptional situation for any company, regardless of its cause. High-profile examples illustrate that in times of web 2.0 even a small spark can lead to an existential crisis for an international company. More and more, it is social media and tabloid journalism that transform a fire into an inferno. Like wildfire, information disseminates within a very short time and reaches the entire public unfiltered.


The end result that led to the crisis may not have much in common with the original information. Nonetheless, the resulting damage for a company or a brand are in most cases of a long-term nature and result in considerable losses.


More than ever, competent communication is needed to stop the fire and save the company.

Think strategically. Act with caution.

Every company should prepare itself for a possible crisis and its effects through individual crisis management. This is the only way a company can have the capability to reduce the risks of a crisis to the greatest extent possible by means of timely and targeted public relations. In the event of an emergency, the time available is extremely scarce to develop effective crisis communication. Yet the better your company is prepared for this worst case, the more self-confident and credible your crisis communication will be for your target groups. Make use of our experience on the topic of crisis management and optimise your public relations in case of an emergency.


Together with you, we develop preventive strategies for effective communication within crisis PR that are well established in the concept of your communication strategies. The training of crisis scenarios and intensive crisis communication training are high priorities. If the worst case has already occurred or a crisis is emerging, we will help you keep a cool head and take action with the right measures. Our specialists will carry out a detailed analysis of the actual situation and accompany you with effective crisis communication management.