Reputation as a success-critical factor

Prominent cases show how fragile your reputation can be now that the internet is omnipresent and what dramatic consequences serious damage to one’s image can have. What has been built up in images and values ​​over decades can be irrevocably destroyed within a few days. This shows how fragile a good reputation is, and why, now that the internet is ubiquitous, there is no strategic alternative to integrated reputation management.

Our Expertise

With more than 15 publications on the topic of reputation management, we are one of the leading experts in this field and have advanced to become partner to German SMEs.

In doing so, we support our clients in suppressing negative content through targeted public relations measures and search engine optimisation, and cultivate, strengthen and monitor our clients’ online reputation.

It is definitely the case that creating a positive image with a view to all relevant stakeholders creates the foundations for our clients’ trust; they in turn increase revenue through their image, consolidating and optimising customer loyalty.